School Screening Evaluator/Outpatient Clinician in Philadelphia, PA at Public Health Management Corporation

Date Posted: 7/31/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The Joseph J. Peter’s Institute, a nationally recognized provider serving children, adolescents and adult survivor of trauma as well as perpetrators of sexual abuse, seeks a School Screening Evaluator and Outpatient Clinician at its Survivor Services site. The School Screening Evaluator will work on publicity and outreach for JJPI’s school screening program, will handle administrative aspects of referrals, complete school evaluations and reports, and provide training/education for school staff as necessary. This position reports to the Grants and Foundations Project Coordinator.

Clinical Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the highest quality clinical services to all clients of JJPI.
  • Develop and implement innovative techniques to serve the participants of JJPI more effectively.
  • Maintain a full caseload and work on program development to support and improve the financial health of the agency
  • Develop and maintain 20-22 billable hours weekly (18 outpatient hours & 4-6 school screenings), on average
  • Attend EBP group consultations (in which you are trained) and individual supervision on a weekly basis. No more than two (2) group consultations weekly.
  • Ensure the provision of comprehensive case management services to participants at 20% case management utilization.
  • Maintain clinical records in accordance with agency, managed care, and licensing requirements.
  • Seek out appropriate professional training.
  • Assist in implementing new, innovative treatment strategies.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with other agencies.
  • Must complete initial treatment plan review within the first two visits of participant contract.
  • Complete updated treatment/resiliency plans every 6 months.
  • Complete clinical progress notes within 24 hours of a session.
  • Complete case management progress notes within 24 hours of activity.
  • Follow up appropriately with participants who have missed a session and continue appropriate outreach
  • Complete discharge summary within 48 hours of termination date.
  • Complete and submit utilization reports (case management and clinical hours) at the end of each week
  • Make initial contact with participant within five working days of assignment.
  • Attend clinical meetings and scheduled supervision.
  • Process school screening referrals, schedule referrals that meet criteria of need.
  • Investigate incidents of sexually inappropriate behaviors for children in kindergarten through eighth grade to determine if the student who displayed these behaviors has a history of sexual abuse, to determine the risk factors involved, and to determine necessary referrals.
  • Provide clinically based referrals based on the behaviors and needs of the family/student.
  • Determine safety recommendations for the child within the school setting.    
  • Provide in-service trainings to school staff when there is a need.                                              
  • Maintain clinical records in accordance with agency, managed care, and licensing requirements.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with other agencies.
  • Complete School Screening Evaluation Draft within one week of screening appointment.
  • Provide completed School Screening Evaluations to school and necessary team members within two weeks of completed screening appointment.
  • Provides Evaluations to children and adolescents
  • Reviews collateral information to create a comprehensive school screening evaluation, along with treatment recommendations.


  • Works effectively with other staff and contributes to the team approach of treatment
  • Ability to meet timelines
  • Ability to communicate in writing and orally
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software, word processing, spreadsheets and database entry


  • Two years of relevant clinical work experience specifically in the field of trauma, which can include internship/practicum experience.

Education Requirement:

  • A Master’s Degree in a field related to clinical work from an accredited program


  • Licensed clinical professional preferred (LPC, LCSW, etc.)