Residential Treatment Therapist in Philadelphia, PA at Public Health Management Corporation

Date Posted: 12/30/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Background of Interim House Program:

Interim House Inc. provides substance use treatment to the women of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Located in Mt. Airey we provide client centered, holistic and trauma informed care to women in a residential treatment facility. We serve 5 levels of care: short and long term residential, halfway house, IOP and OP.

Over the last several years, an increasing number of women are entering residential treatment with serious and significant mental health needs that require intensive and individualized clinical support. The extent and severity of mental illness are reflective of histories of suicide attempts, psychiatric hospitalizations, failed treatment episodes, prior incarcerations and periods of living on the street.

Many of these women have had difficulty adjusting to our therapeutic community due to issues of trust, paranoia and fear. In addition, the stimulus of living in residential community often creates anxiety and difficulty concentrating. These factors have been a barrier to successful completion of our program for some women.

In response to the above issues, Interim House has received funding to create an innovative residential pilot program called Focalized Treatment.

The purpose of the Focalized Treatment Program (FTP), designed specifically for women with severe mental health and substance use disorders, is to provide specialized services and case management, daily individual sessions and specialized therapeutic groups in order to effectively meet the complex needs of these women. The 1:5 therapist to client caseload ratio will provide time for more individual / specialized counseling and case management sessions with the goal of improving mental health functioning and stability along with substance use treatment. 

The licensed clinician will have knowledge of chemical dependency and the recovery process with particular awareness of the needs of women from diverse cultures. They will have expertise in co-occurring disorders including psychotic disorders and personality disorders as well as case managing. They will have expertise in evidence-based treatment modalities such as DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, experience with Affect management and some experience with mindfulness meditation practices and feminist theory. The licensed clinician will serve as the lead clinician for all focalized treatment program clients. Their duties will consist of carrying an average caseload of four (4) women and not to exceed five (5) with co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders, providing daily individual DBT sessions to those women on their caseload who meet the criteria for focalized treatment. This position will be supervised by the clinical coordinator with weekly clinical supervision by a consultant with expertise in Focalized Treatment programing.


Direct Service:

  • Provide intensive individual and group therapy
  • Provide DBT psycho-educational skills training groups 2 times per week
  • Meet with individuals daily to follow up on any evening and/or week-end issues
  • In collaboration with program participants, discuss, review and create Initial Recovery Plan within three (3) days of intake
  • Complete Bio-Psychosocial and master comprehensive plan within 30 days of admission in collaboration with program participant and obtain all required signatures including the psychiatrist.

Funding & Authorization Duties:

  • Adhere to all funding protocols, including completion of the ASAM and continued stay reviews and ensure all clients are authorized and funded for services
  • Follow up on any funding issues that arise to make sure funding is received for services.
  • Document and update funding report to admissions coordinator every week at case review

Reports, Documentation and Administrative Duties:

  • Enter all individual and group notes into the PHMC Client Registry within 7 business days
  • Document participant’s treatment on MAT’s, noting any symptoms or cravings
  • Adhere to all credentialing and licensing regulations
  • Ensure program participant charts are maintained and that a continuous record of all contacts, events, and progress toward accomplishment of goals as stated in the treatment plan.
  • Complete discharge summary, note and PCPC within one week of program participant’s termination of treatment.
  • Provide assessment on all clients AWOL's / AMA's and discuss with supervisor
  • Provide referrals for support services when requested.
  • Enhance, update and remain current with educational advances within the discipline and field by attending at least 25 hours of in-service or educational experience. Maintain file of all trainings certificates and training documentation forms for licensing purposes.
  • Ensure participation in mandatory HIV/AIDS (6 hours) and TB/STD (4 hours) trainings within one year of hire
  • Attend staff meetings, and other meetings as scheduled
  • Alert Supervisor and/or Program Director of any “need to know” concerns regarding clients that might jeopardize the safety of the program, client or other clients.
  • Lead check in, Community Meeting or Case review if Clinical Director not available
  • Adhere to all program policies and procedures
  • Record Progress Notes in the Data/Assessment/Plan (DAP) format.
  • Attend weekly case review meetings and consultations with the psychiatrist
  • Complete and send all required monthly reports to Project Dawn Court, FIR, Family Court, etc. within time frames provided by each Provider.
  • Complete Case Consult sheet every 90 days participant is in treatment or as needed if team meets with participant
  • Attend clinical supervision at least once every other week.
  • Make sure participant needs are met by coordinating with visitors, drop-offs and sponsors and communicating to program staff.
  • Participate in on-call rotation with clinical team
  • Other duties assigned by Supervisor or Program Director.


  • Licensed Clinician; minimum of three (3) years of experience
  • Expertise in co-occurring disorders and sever mental health including psychotic disorders and personality disorders and case management
  • Knowledge of chemical dependency and the recovery process with particular awareness of the needs of women from diverse cultures
  • Ability to implement evidence based therapeutic technique essential to assisting women in the process of recovery including DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, experience with Affect management and some experience with mindfulness meditation practices.
  • Competence in individual and group therapy with an emphasis on feminist theory