Full-Time Supervising Psychologist in Philadelphia, PA at Public Health Management Corporation

Date Posted: 7/17/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The Joseph J. Peters Institute seeks a full-time (40 hrs/week) supervising psychologist for the Safety and Responsibility Program (SRP) and Survivor Services (SS). This person will perform Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Evaluations (CBEs) with risk assessment measures and other clinical assessment measures , Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Re-evaluations (CBRs), and consultation for CBEs completed by other JJPI staff and contractors in the SS and SRP. The staff person will also provide clinical supervision/consultation for students and other assigned fee-for-service clinicians on psychotherapy cases. In addition, this staff will provide therapy for 2 to 3 participants of higher need or ones with Medicare (part B) insurance. This staff person will be responsible for providing the highest quality clinical services to participants of JJPI’s SRP and SS. This person will report to the Clinical Director of JJPI.

Primary Functions:

  • Provide the highest quality clinical services to participants at the Joseph J. Peters Institute.
  • Develop and implement innovative techniques to serve the participants of JJPI more effectively.
  • Perform Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Evaluations (CBEs), Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Re-evaluations (CBRs), Risk assessments/clinical assessments, and consultation for CBEs completed by other JJPI staff and contractors.
  • Provide clinical supervision/consultation for students and other assigned fee-for-service clinicians on psychotherapy cases.
  • Conduct resiliency reviews and staffings for participants who are at an impasse in treatment or are ready for discharge in the SRP
  • Provide therapy to 2 to 3 participants with Medicare Part B insurance and/or higher risk/need individuals.
  • Responsible for assuring the clinical quality of evaluation reports provided by self and evaluators and assuring timeliness of completion of reports (30 days for a final draft and 2 week for initial drafts).
  • Monitor and assure high utilization levels and effectiveness of clinical work completed by supervisees.
  • Provide evidenced-based treatment to participants.
  • Provide direct clinical supervision to 2-4 student externs/student interns/post-doctoral interns at any one time.
  • Provide clinical consultation to contracted fee-for-service clinicians.

Clinical Responsibilities:

  • Provides CBEs and CBRs for children, adolescents, and adults in SRP and SS
  • Analyzes and integrates data gathered during evaluations to provide diagnostic conclusions and treatment recommendations.
  • Provides comprehensive written reports to guide treatment and to respond to referral sources.
  • Provides clinical supervision of evaluations and related psychological testing to other JJPI SRP and SS clinicians/evaluators/students.
  • Attends clinical meetings and scheduled supervisions.
  • Maintains clinical records in accordance with agency, managed care, and licensing requirements.
  • Seeks out appropriate professional training to meet licensing requirements.
  • Gets trained in selected agency EBP’s (e.g. PE and DBT)
  • Assists in developing training programs for other staff.
  • Assists in developing and implementing new, innovative treatment strategies.
  • Develops and maintain professional relationships with other agencies.
  • Supervises SRP or SS clinic one evening a week.
  • Provides weekly on-call services once every 8 to 10 weeks.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Supervises clinicians/evaluators/students performing evaluation services.
  • Coordinates completion of the evaluation report within 30 days of the intake appointment.
  • Assures the timely and accurate submission of all evaluation related paperwork by self and supervisee.
  • Assists in developing training programs for other staff.
  • Assists with tracking and monitoring of evaluation reports.

Organizational Responsibilities:

  • Works effectively with other staff and contribute to the development of a team approach to treatment.
  • Provides input into new programs and work to implement more effective methods of delivering services.
  • Understands and communicates with other programs within the agency and work to foster a collaborative team approach across all programs.
  • Assists in developing and maintaining referral network.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Understand the impact of the caseload requirements on the financial performance of the agency.
  • Understand the payment source of each participant.
  • Complete all forms required for submission of bills for services in a timely manner and in accordance with JJPI policies and procedures.
  • Work with other staff to develop new treatment programs to promote the financial performance of the agency.


  • Promote the agency in interactions with other agencies and professionals.
  • Participate in market planning for the agency as required.

Minimum Education & Experience:

  • A Doctoral Degree in a field related to clinical work.
  • Pennsylvania licensed psychologist.
  • Significant clinical experience Forensics, specifically those who have engaged in illegal sexual behaviors and those engaging in domestic and intimate partner violence.

Certification, License, or other required Qualifications:

  • Pennsylvania licensed psychologist.
  • Possess a Doctoral Degree from an accredited program.