Team Manager in Philadelphia, PA at Public Health Management Corporation

Date Posted: 7/30/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Job Description:

The Restorative Justice Supports Coordination Team Manager is responsible for supervising a team of supports coordinators that provide dual supports coordination and sentencing alternatives to the court for people who have been diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities/Autism who are also involved with the criminal justice system. This goal of is to create a more equitable criminal justice system through a number of programs and services that help justice involved individuals with intellectual disabilities/autism avoid future contact with the criminal justice system. The Restorative Justice Supports Coordination Program Team Manager is jointly supervised by the PersonLink Program Director and a Unit Manager. The Team Manager provides hands on approach with supports coordination staff to:

  • Maintain ongoing liaison with probation, parole and other law enforcement agencies including police, district attorney, defender's association and municipal and other courts
  • Collaborate with designated IDS court liaison staff
  • Advocate for justice involved individuals with ID within and outside of the formal ID service system
  • Maintain oversight and compliance with applicable court orders
  • Complete reports to the court as required
  • Interface with other agencies to interpret the court's requirements
  • Provide education, training and consultation for staff in other ID agencies, the public at large and criminal justice professionals about alternatives for consumers who are either involved or at-risk for criminal justice involvement and about the workings of the court system.


  • Ensure that services are person-centered and provided in the community
  • Recruit, orient and supervise (individual and group supervision) supports coordination staff
  • Mission Driven Program Growth
  • Monitor, report, supervise and direct services provided by direct service staff
  • Monitor train and supervise staff in all aspects of documentation in HCSIS system
  • Supervise staff in developing and maintaining an ongoing case load as directed by Restorative Justice Supports Coordination Program Requirements, IDS and PHMC
  • Monitor, train and supervise staff in all aspects of the supports coordination process
  • Monitor, train and supervise staff in documenting their work in writing and electronically in HCSIS, IDS and PHMC systems for ISPs, reviews, case notes and activity logs, monitoring reports, incident management and other areas where documentation is required
  • Assist in the analysis, writing and presentation of program findings and evaluation
  • Participate as part of a management team to plan, coordinate and implement program interventions, policies and procedures
  • Facilitate and develop referral relationships with other organizations and support resources (providers, resources, advocacy)
  • Facilitate and develop cooperative working relationships within the mental retardation service delivery system
  • Facilitate and develop cooperative working relationships with educational, employment, training, mental health, health, and recreation service systems
  • Empower individuals and families to advocate and obtain services for themselves
  • Advocate for individuals and their families within and outside the intellectual and developmental disabilities/Autism system
  • Collect required data and complete all required documentation
  • Participate in meetings, trainings and conferences as required
  • Facilitate and provide training and mentoring for staff
  • Complete other duties as assigned


  • Demonstrated skills with computers and electronic reports
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and adhere to policies and procedures
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent leadership and team building skills Performance Criteria

Performance Criteria:

  • Ensure each individual assigned to PersonLink has an initial Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and an initial
  • Prioritization of Unmet Needs (PUNS) within 30 days from the date of assignment
  • Ensure each individual assigned to PersonLink has an annual Individualized Service Plan (ISP) and an annual (or as indicated by need) Prioritization of Unmet Needs, (PUNS) within 300 days from the date of the prior ISP
  • Ensure each individual funded under Base and SC-only has at least two face to face monitoring per year
  • Ensure each individual funded under Person/Family Driven Support Waiver and Consolidate Waiver must have monitoring as per IDS, ODP and PersonLink policy and procedures  
  • Ensure that all service and supports are provided in a person-centered and community-based manner to consumers served by PersonLink.
  • Provide supervision to all assigned SCs to ensure their compliance with all IDS, ODP and PersonLink policy and procedures      
  • Complete informal 3 month review; 6 month probationary evaluation for each SC and offer feedback/develop learning and improvement goals with new staff
  • Complete annual performance evaluation for each SC as per PHMC policy and procedures
  • Review weekly the quality and frequency of service note entry; ISPs/PUNS completion, submission and entry in HCSIS
  • Review monthly the documentation of incident reports and follow up by SC in service notes
  • Review monthly the frequency and quality of monitoring documentation for each individual
  • Review to do lists and HCSIS Alerts for each assigned SC
  • Complete weekly and monthly compliance reports required by Unit Manager
  • Attend weekly team leader’s meetings with Unit Manager and Program Director
  • Complete Annual ODP and IDS assigned training
  • Ensure that all paperwork/reports from the courts and or parole and probation are collected filed and made part of the ISP and individual file


  • Demonstrated supervisory skills and experience required. Experience and skills in criminal justice system, supports/service coordination/case management are required plus a minimum of four to six years work experience in one or more of the following human services fields: criminal justice, individuals with physical, sensory and developmental disabilities; health, mental health or education. Skills in Spanish and other second languages, ASL, and other cultural or adaptive areas are also preferred.

Supervisory Experience:

  • The Team Manager must have a minimum of one year paid supervisory experience

Education Requirement:

  • It is preferred that a Restorative Justice Supports Coordination Program Team Manager should have earned a Master's degree in a criminal Justice or related field and have four years post-degree experience.


  • Commensurate with education and experience.