Licensed Social Worker/Home School Visitor in Fort Washington, PA at Public Health Management Corporation

Date Posted: 2/17/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

This position serves a dual role of the Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and Home School Visitor (HSV), combining direct service to students in groups and individual settings, and support to students, families and community organizations to eliminate barriers that prevent a student from accessing their educational program. The LSW/HSV is responsible to identify supports to families, and initiate referrals to community resources, and social service programs to help promote school success. The LSW/HSV coordinates and collaborates within the students’ school team to promote a safe and positive school climate, as well as with behavioral and community members involved with and supporting the student and family. The LSW/HSV reports to the Supervisor of Clinical Services.


  • Provide direct interventions to students, including outcomes-based individual and group therapy, counseling, and educational and informational programs.
  • Assist to develop intervention plans consistent with curriculum, student needs, strengths, social and cognitive functioning, and cultural experiences.
  • Assist in the planning of therapeutic, remedial and behavioral modification activities provided by the educational agency.
  • Conduct formal and informal assessments of student function, developmental history, family and community structure, interpersonal relationships, adaptive behavior and cultural factors that may influence learning.
  • Use student, family, school and community assessment to develop appropriate interventions to improve student learning and work to eliminate barriers that exist to accessing a student’s education.
  • Provide supportive case work to students and their families, including individual and group therapy, counseling and educational and informational programs.
  • Provide parent support and education for self-advocacy and educational rights.
  • Assist students and their families in gaining access to formal and informal community resources including community mental health services.
  • Consult with stakeholders to facilitate understanding of factors in a student’s home, educational agency or community that affect their educational experiences.
  • Consult and collaborate with educational personnel, parents and community resources in areas that impact student learning (e.g. mental health, behavioral management, school safety, diversity, crisis management, child abuse and neglect).
  • Work with individuals, groups and organizations to develop programs and systems that promote student welfare and achievement.
  • Promote collaboration among community mental health and welfare services providers and facilitate greater access to these services for students.
  • Participate in interagency panels to assist effective integration of services to students
  • Participate in school agency bullying prevention efforts, PBIS initiatives, and other program components that benefit the educational access of students.
  • Provides for students’ needs through appropriate referrals to a certified school psychologist
  • Investigates reasons for school absences, enforces compulsory attendance provisions, and prevents incorrigible, insubordinate or disorderly conduct of students during school, or on their way to or from school


  • Knowledge of School Wide Positive Behavior Support systems including PBIS data systems
  • Strong negotiation and advocacy skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to work effectively with professionals from a wide range of organizations and disciplines and to establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with all members of the student’s team
  • Excellent ability to conduct Mandt trainings and convey content and skill assessments; provide training to the staff according to the staff development schedule.
  • Communicates clearly, concisely, and effectively, both orally and in writing, with the education and clinical staff, support staff, students, parents, and community
  • Demonstrated ability to assess, and evaluate family dynamics.
  • Demonstrated ability to de-escalate students in crisis.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and adhere to policies and procedures
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent ability to manage technology relevant to student and family data.

Performance Requirements:

  • Conducts comprehensive formal and informal assessments of student function that inform the education and behavior support team.
  • Serves as a Mandt Trainer and provides Mandt instruction at mandated professional development sessions.
  • Assesses students in crisis; conducts risk assessments or other assessments as to student state of mental health; makes clinical recommendations and initiates supports.
  • Accompanies students and families, as needed, for clinical recommendations to hospitals, clinics, or partial programs.
  • Provides support to the school community at all times to maintain an orderly school environment and serves as an environmental manager; provides mobile support to students in crisis or those students demonstrating non-compliant behavior; reintegrates students back into program.
  • Documents all behavioral incidents.
  • Provides effective and evidence-based interventions and therapeutic activities to support students’ participation in school program, including, but not limited to, PBIS and mental health supports (anxiety, school refusal, etc.).
  • Participates and facilitates PBIS committees and initiatives.
  • Facilitates outcome-based individual and group sessions; produces reports showing outcome measurements.
  • Manages truancy, absenteeism, and provides support to families, students, and the LEA for removing barriers of school attendance issues.
  • Makes successful referrals to community and social service programs and other community linkages that effectively address students’ and families’ identified issues and concerns.
  • Effectively addresses issues and reduces barriers resulting in documented progress in the students’ behavior and academic performance.
  • Accurately documents efforts and referrals in students’ record and appropriate data management systems.
  • Proficient in data collection and analysis to support planning and programing for student success.

Physical demands/work environment:

  • Routine school environment. Employee may be involved in de-escalating student behaviors using mandatory approved techniques.
  • Potential exposure to blood borne pathogens; may transport students in agency in accordance with PA Department of Education and Department of Transportation requirements and school and PHMC procedures.
  • Ability to climb stairs and walk on uneven terrain, play yards and school grounds.
  • Ability to move rapidly, forward, backward and laterally.
  • Physical capacity to lift, move and position a student up to age 21 who may weigh 150 pounds or more with the assistance of other properly training personnel.
  • Ability to independently utilize routine office equipment.
  • Ability to independently travel outside of school hours as determined by administration.
  • The physical demands and work environment described is representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in Social Work, must hold a current license as a social worker (LSW) or licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) issued by the Pennsylvania Department of State and maintain that license; Pennsylvania Department of Education Home and School Visitor Certification.
  • Must maintain active Mandt trainer certification. Must maintain all CEU and ACT 48 credits to maintain licensure.


  • Starting salary varies and is based on education, work experience and skills.