Licensed Practical Nurse in Philadelphia, PA at Public Health Management Corporation

Date Posted: 2/23/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Provision of nursing service to chronically and severely mentally ill adults with personality and behavioral deficits.  Manage and coordinate the patient’s medical health needs, using a holistic approach to care and ensuring the resident’ environment is safe, and that resident remain healthy during their life cycle in care.  Ability to make emergency determinations of care and follow through. Maintain clinical supervision of Mental Health Technicians on shift.


  • Provide professional nursing services including the provision of the following: health education, counseling, supportive and restorative cares and scheduled/emergency treatments.
  • Utilize the Medical Director and the Nursing Coordinator on-call in management of episodic and or chronic health problems that may occur during the shift. Alternatively, arrange to transport resident to hospital’s emergency room for immediate treatment.
  • Complete shift review of all medication, and treatment orders for the day, initial and validate correct transcription of orders including weekly laboratory preparation schedules. Prepare laboratory requests on each individual resident
  • Identify to Senior Nurse Coordination medications that need to be reordered, follow protocol utilizing electronic medication administration record (EMAR) to record medications needed and leave information (labels) in designated location for next day ordering. In addition, identify any supplies needed by the medical department and leave for supervisor to order next day.
  • Complete all treatments as ordered during the morning shift, glucose monitoring, medications administration and assure diabetic resident have adequate dietary intake as identified by symptom management.
  • Adherence to all medical documentation requirements, e.g. Document when medical issues arise, after any specific procedure or test is performed, e.g. pulse ox, and when utilizing the Emergency Medical Protocol. and document educational client session’s individual and group.
  • Perform nightly chart checks and chart maintenance.
  • Review weekly team meeting updates and identify treatments or reassessments that should occur on the following shift.
  • Offer resident individualized health education during the shift on an as needed basis.
  • Report all resident, staff incidents that occur using required forms and complete a nursing note describing the incident, what actions were taken, and patient’s response to incident, and if medications were given to aide de-escalation of the resident. When residents are 302’d, complete required paperwork, notify the Nurse Coordinator and contact outside agencies. Maintain appropriate contact with emergency management system for safe transport of resident. Complete all external and internal incident reports. Complete all written and verbal nursing reports prior to leaving shift.
  • Demonstrate competency within the domains of clinical judgment and decision-making, nurse-patient-family relationships, clinical leadership, and clinical knowledge-skills.
  • Maintain Standard Precautions among staff and residents. Report concerns regarding in-appropriate adherence to infection control procedures.
  • Adhere to regulations described in the PHMC/WestHaven Personnel Policies and Procedure Manual.
  • Adherence to all medical documentation requirements under the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse services and Community Behavioral Health.


  • Adhere to regulatory standards outlined in the CBH, OMSHA, DPW and Division Manuals.

Physical Demands:

  • Experience, knowledge and demonstrates skills in De-escalation Management and therapeutic Hold Techniques.

Impact of Error:

Clinical Errors in this position: poor judgment and missed opportunities can result in serious consequences including injury, illness and death. Measures to reduce the probability of clinical errors of their consequences include:

  • Credentialing and privileging process
  • Orientation program
  • Training in CPR and use of emergency equipment
  • Supervision and review of clinical records
  • Tracking and recall systems
  • Verbal and written information to clients
  • Peer Review Process
  • Internal and External Audits

Qualifications: (Minimum)

  • LPN licensure.
  • A minimum of 1 to 3 years working with chronically mental ill adult with chronic medical issues for residents that reside in LSTR setting
  • Experience with populations having both chronic medical as well as mental health disorders.
  • Experience working with diverse populations and knowledge of individuals’ diverse cultural practices, beliefs, and provide culturally congruent care.
  • Experience with 302 process and working with regulatory agencies.


  • LPN Licensure in Pennsylvania
  • Current CPR Certification
  • A valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License
  • Good Verbal and writing skills and basic computer operational ability,
  • Experience supervising professional and non-professional personnel
  • Knowledge and understanding of regulatory standards of care and ability to implement policies and procedures.

FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt

  • This position is classified as salaried non-exempt in accordance to FLSA standards.