Business Analysis and Evaluation Manager in Philadelphia, PA at Public Health Management Corporation

Date Posted: 3/4/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The Business Analysis and Evaluation Manager will also be responsible for overseeing the compliance of DHS Parenting Collaborative providers as it relates to fiscal, administrative and evaluation activities. S/he will work in close partnership with the Program Director and DHS to ensure that compliance measures are in alignment with funder requirements and recalibrate when they are modified.  S/he will also work in close partnership with PHMC’s accounting leadership to ensure that provider invoices are accurate and combined appropriately in order to invoice the City in a timely manner. S/he will also work with PHMC’s Information Technology leadership to enhance the DHS PC Referral Service database.  Lastly, the Business Analysis and Evaluation Manager will oversee DHS PC providers’ fiscal, administrative, and data collection/submission processes. This will entail: close communication with PHMC’s Research and Evaluation Group to confirm to create analytical reports that summarize program activities and performance; the development of process maps for internal and external review;  and leading change/project management activities to ensure a smooth and timely transition to new processes. Work closely with program and evaluation staff.


Fiscal Oversight

  • Assist in evaluation of budgets submitted as part of agency applications
  • Collect and review provider documentation required for funding sources
  • Review and process monthly provider and city invoices
  • Collect and review provider documentation required for contractual compliance (insurance certificates, audits, etc.)
  • Create, communicate and distribute new or revised fiscal and program policies and procedures either to enhance fiscal process or as required by PHMC and/or DHS
  • Work with funder and PHMC Finance leadership to field and process approved re-budget requests
  • Work in the Idatix financial software system to submit monthly invoices for review and approval
  • Oversee PHMC’s Contracts group to confirm timely receipt and filing of insurance certificates and annual audits
  • Access and navigate PHMC’s general ledger system to ensure that all billable expenses are posted and work with the Finance liaison to resolve any errors or issues
  • Notify the Director of the PC and his/her supervisor, PHMC’s Senior Director of Operations, when the program is trending over or under budget
  • Generate Jet reports on a biweekly basis to ensure that all provider payment approvals
  • Provide excellent customer service and support to providers who are experiencing technical difficulties associated with generating accurate invoices (many times associated with staff turnover) and provide immediate phone and/or on-site training and support whenever necessary
  • Conduct fiscal trainings/presentations when necessary
  • Evaluation Oversight

Evaluation Oversight:

  • Supervise the DHS PC Data Support Assistant activities and review reports that combine participant Survey Monkey results with dosage, class site and demographic data in SPSS to confirm comprehensiveness and alignment with DHS directives
  • Develop and modify when necessary administrative, attendance audit and clinical site visit forms in Survey Monkey so that all site visits can be entered remotely in a web-based, HIPPA compliant manner
  • Confirm that the Data Support Assistant is entering data in a comprehensive and timely fashion
  • Develop a framework for analyzing and reporting the results of CBPS and the new Survey Monkey data; and work with the PC Program Director and Data Support Assistant to provide reporting specifications for the mid and end of the year reports to DHS


  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration required
  • Master’s degree required in business, healthcare, or public health administration
  • At least 2 years’ experience working with fiscal, evaluation, and administrative issues
  • Work experience as lead or manager a team developing enterprise software systems
  • Experience with the systems development lifecycle
  • Background working with complex business systems and integration projects
  • In-depth understanding of the software development life cycle
  • Expert in MS Office Suite, including MS Access, Project and Visio
  • Expert in Survey Monkey
  • Proficient in SPSS